About RAWVISIONstudio



RAWVISION studio was co-founded by Liang Dong and Hedy Zhang in 2020. Dong and Hedy have many years’ experience working at worldwide well-known architecture studios as architect and project architect before they became full-time architectural photographers. The architects ‘background brings them a very sharp and unique perspective on architecture and spaces, and the cameras and lenses are now the tools for them to document the buildings and the space around them. The word RAW has the meaning of origin and nature, which is also the philosophy of the RAWVISION studio – to find and express the most original beauty of architecture, and to record and transmit the most essential elements of space, people and environment, as well as the connection between them and the space.

In the philosophy of the RAWVISION studio, architecture is not just a container or a simple combination of spaces but has its own life. From the beginning of construction to the final demolition, with the flow of time, the architecture experiences various stories and scenes during the use and transformation, these have also become a part of the memory of many people. Each different stages of each building are worth recording. The building is not a container of cold Material, but also has different emotional changes according to the changes of environment and weather. The happiness in sunny days, depression in rainy days, vitality in spring, and romance in autumn. Different people and ways of using the building also affect the building itself. RAWVISION studio is also trying to show the beauty of architecture at different times and its humanistic property through its own works.

Since 2020, RAWVISION studio has won many photography awards such as the RIBA Photography Award, IPA, SIENA, MONOVISION, DEZEEN, etc. The studio focuses on the photo and video production on architecture, interior, landscape and art installations.



原象建筑摄影工作室由董良和张宏歌于2020年共同创立。在成为全职建筑摄影师之前,二者有着多年在全球知名建筑工作室担任建筑师和项目建筑师的经验。建筑师背景使得他们拥有对建筑和空间非常敏锐和独特的视角,相机和镜头是他们现在记录建筑和周围空间的工具。RAW 有本原和天然之意,这也是原象工作室的理念——寻找并表达建筑最本真的美,并将空间中最本质的要素,人和环境,以及二者同空间相互之间自然的联系记录并传递出去。